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"I, Dr. David Reuben, have been using the Kiss My Back back support for the last few months as I work, as I sit at my desk, and as something to aid with my tired low back. I use the Kiss My Back daily and plan to continue to keep it on my desk chair. It has definitely helped my back."

Dr. D. Reuben, D.C., Santa Clarita, CA

As the CFO of a company, I spend most of my day sitting and staring at a computer screen. Usually, by the end of the day, I'm rubbing the back of my neck between my shoulder blades to try and alleviate the pain.

I've been using KissMyBack® for about 3 weeks now. After installing it... which, by the way, was a snap... and after a few days of getting used to its unique shape, I've not had to rub my neck once! WHAT A RELIEF!

I've since recommended this to my wife, who's recently returned to school. She spends lots of time sitting at our kitchen table (in hard wooden chairs) doing her homework. She's using a KMB on one of the chairs and she loves it as well!

Thanks for a great... and truly useful... product!

C. Patafio, CFO, Valencia, CA

"I just bought your "Kiss My Back!®" back support and can't believe what a great design it is! Through the years I have bought many different back supports because I am short and I always need them in my office chairs and even in the car......and I hadn't found a really good one until now. Your product fits perfectly, stays in place, and is so comfortable because I can adjust its height......Just wanted to pass that along to you."
Jo P., Westlake Village, CA
"Kiss My Back!® has meant 'good-bye to my aching back'. This means everything to people like me who sit at their computer for hours each day...such a small investment for such great gains."
Rick, Insurance Specialist, Van Nuys, CA
"I have a history of chronic low back pain. Sitting in particular is a challenge for me. I am so grateful to have found Kiss My Back! A 'big kiss' to Kiss My Back!"
Cathy, Writer, Calabasas, CA
"Our patients love this product. They use it while waiting in our waiting room and immediately want to buy one. They recognize & experience the benefits right away."
Michael, Chiropractor, Agoura Hills, CA
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The Original Kiss My Back!®

Because Pain Killers Don't Solve The Problem

Turn Any Chair Into An Ergonomic Chair (includes 1 set of bungees) - $12.99*
with Optional Comfort Seat Cushion - $29.99*
Buy the Comfort Seat Cushion only - $19.99*
Buy the Bungees only - $4.99*
* taxes apply for California residents  

Only the Kiss My Back!® includes Bungees for a secure and stable fit!

Do you hate getting into your car for the trip to work? Sometimes even a few minutes in an ordinary seat can seem like hours of torture.

Does your back pain make it difficult for you to concentrate at work, watch television, or drive?

Do you have to keep getting up and walking around to relieve your lower back pain?

How much money are you spending on pain killers for your lower back pain?

Isn't it time you took a pro-active approach to help your lower back?

CAUSE: One cause of the problem is the reduction or loss of the lumbar curve in your lower back. This places constant strain on your vertebrae and discs.

SOLUTION: Kiss My Back!® supports your lumbar curve for less strain and improved posture.


  • Finally be able to enjoy sitting again
  • Reduce neck strain
  • Fewer headaches
  • Helps prevent future back problems
  • Improve productivity
  • Improve posture
  • Improve spinal stability


  • Mesh fabric for comfortable air flow
  • Universal fit Bungee cords included (to keep back support in place)
  • Use in car, office, home
  • Durable and Lightweight
  • One-year warranty


Elevate your comfort level even further with our ergonomically designed Comfort Seat Cushion. Fits all chairs.


  • Feet flat on the floor
  • Thighs supported by the chair cushion
  • Knees should be 90 degrees to your thighs
  • If little or no lumbar support in the chair, use Kiss My Back!®
  • Forearms resting on the arms of the chair when using keyboard
  • Wrists not bent when using a keyboard
  • With head level you should be looking at the middle of the computer monitor
  • Monitor should be directly in front of you
  • Monitor should be 22-26" away from your face
  • Avoid using a "phone cradle" as this can put strain on your neck

Kiss My Back!® FAQ


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