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Kiss My Back® | Gopher Pro® | Steamy Ideas


Kiss My Back® - Ergonomic Mesh Back Support

Gopher Pro® - The Ultimate Tool for Control of Gophers, Moles & Voles

Steamy Ideas - The Shower Message Board

Kiss My Back - Ergonomic Mesh Back Support

What are the benefits of using a Kiss My Back back support?

The Kiss My Back back support makes every chair a better chair. It makes sitting more comfortable whether you are sitting on an office chair, a car seat or on a chair at the kitchen table. It cradles the low back and helps to straighten the entire back and neck. back to top

Can anyone benefit from using a Kiss My Back back support?

Yes, everyone can benefit from using a Kiss My Back back support whether you have a back problem or not. It increases comfort and helps to prevent future back problems. back to top

I noticed that you include two bungee cords with the Kiss My Back back support, unlike any other similar back supports being sold by other companies. What is the purpose of the bungee cords?

The Kiss My Back back support is the most effective mesh back support on the market due to including the bungees. The bungees help to secure the back support to the chair which adds significantly to the effectiveness and long life of this back support. It holds the Kiss My Back unit firmly in place without slippage. back to top

Is it easy to put the back support on a chair with the bungees?

Yes, it is very easy with the instructions that are included with the packaging. We have listed the five most common types of chair backs, with both photos and verbiage to make it easy. back to top

Do you insert the bungees into the back support or into the chair?

You insert the bungees into the back support per the instructions included with the Kiss My Back back support. back to top

Do you get hot leaning up against the back support?

Quite the opposite. Leaning back on the Kiss My Back back support with its mesh fabric allows for comfortable airflow, minimizing perspiration. back to top

Is it much more comfortable using the Comfort Seat Cushion with the back support?

While the back support makes a huge difference in your comfort while sitting, the cushion makes sitting even more comfortable. Now there is comfort for both your back and your seat. It's a match made in "Ergonomic Heaven." back to top

Does the back support help with good posture?

Yes, the Kiss My Back back support promotes and helps with core spinal stability for the entire spine. back to top

How heavy is the back support if I want to carry it from my home to my office?

The Kiss My Back back support is extremely light weight for portability. We have kept the price very affordable so you can buy them for everywhere you sit for long periods of time. back to top

Gopher Pro® - The Ultimate Tool for Control of Gophers, Moles & Voles

Who can use the Gopher-Pro?

Anyone can use the Gopher-Pro, young or old, home gardeners or commercial workers. It's durable and efficient to use, a real time saver especially with respect to commercial use. back to top

Why is Gopher-Pro ergonomic?

Gopher-Pro is ergonomic because of its length. There is no need for bending or kneeling; no sore knees or back; just flex your knees as you push down into the hole. back to top

Do you have to be strong to use the Gopher-Pro?

No. Because of its length, the Gopher-Pro does not require much strength to use. Leverage is increased because of its length and comfortable handles. The Gopher-Pro is easy to use, quick and efficient. back to top

How long does the process take to use the Gopher-Pro?

You can have your bait or repellent delivered in 30-45 seconds. back to top

How deep do you insert the Gopher-Pro?

The most effective way to use the Gopher-Pro is to insert both the probe and the applicator along the path of least resistance, until it feels like you have reached the bottom of the borough. back to top

Why is the Gopher-Pro more efficient than other tools being sold in the market?

Gopher-Pro is the most efficient tool on the market for the following reasons: There are no tunnel cave-ins. The probe is inserted at the same time as the applicator to prevent cave-ins. The deep-drop delivery prevents clogging. This assures unobstructed delivery of bait/repellent. With the Gopher-Pro, you can be assured that what you put in the funnel of the applicator will come out at the other end. Deep penetration to the bottom of the borough puts the bait/ repellent where it is most effective. back to top

Can repellent be used instead of bait?

Repellent can be used instead of bait. However, with repellent the gophers may just move to another area in your yard or your neighbor's yard. back to top

Is one time of the year better than another to use the Gopher-Pro?

Whenever you see signs of a fresh hole, that is the time to use the Gopher-Pro. Holes may appear more often in wet weather. back to top

What amount of bait do you use?

The amount of bait for home gardeners to use is 1/4 cup. There is a 1/4 cup fill line on the spill-resistant cup. There is also a 1 teaspoon line for commercial use. Phosphotoxin may also be used in commercial applications. Granular repellent may also be used. back to top

Where do you put the bait/repellent?

After you withdraw the probe, measure the bait/repellent in the handy ergonomic, spill-resistant cup and pour it into the funnel at the top of the applicator. back to top

What do you do if a tunnel caves in?

You won't have tunnel cave-ins with the Gopher-Pro. The "assured deep drop delivery design" will prevent cave-ins. Once the probe is withdrawn, the applicator remains in place. The tip of the applicator will rise 5 inches above the bottom of the borough. This assures that what you put in the funnel of the applicator will be delivered without cave-ins or clogging. back to top

For how long do you leave the hole covered?

Seal the hole with a tight fitting rock or wad of paper and cover with dirt. Push the rock in deep enough so it won't interfere with lawn mowing. Then forget about it. There is no need to re-visit. back to top

Steamy Ideas - The Shower Message Board

How do you mount The Shower Message Board to your shower or bath wall?

Choose an area where you would like to hang your new Message Board (if hanging in the shower, wall must be clean and dry. Remove any soap film from the surface where the mounting bar will go by cleaning with rubbing alcohol. Make sure wall is dry). Remove paper backing from mounting bar to expose the double-stick tape. Adhere to wall making sure that the exposed tape is at the bottom edge of the mounting bar. Apply strong, even pressure for 60 seconds and then wait 24 hours before hanging the board. This will ensure a good bond. To hang, simply mount the board so the slot on the back of the board fits snugly over the mounting bar. back to top

How do you use The Shower Message Board?

Simply write and enjoy! Twist the top of the pen clockwise to expose lead (lead for darker colored boards is white). Please be aware that pen may occasionally skip due to moisture build-up when using Message Board in the shower. To remove writing from Message Board, it is best to remove board from mounting bar and place on a horizontal, flat surface (if using in the shower, make sure Message Board is completely dry before removing writing). Rub off writing with tissue, paper towel, toilet paper or a clean cloth. Message board with magnetic strips can remain hanging up while removing writing. back to top

How do you remove the mounting bar from your shower or bath wall?

Insert a putty knife or similar tool firmly between the mounting bar tape and the wall surface. Using continuous leverage, slowly pry the mounting bar and tape away from the wall. back to top

What colors are available for The Shower Message Board?

The Message Board comes in a wide variety of designer colors to match any decor: Black, Forest Green, Blue, Almond, Gray, Pink, Lemon Yellow and White. Also comes in Translucent Yellow & Translucent Blue for double-stick tape boards only. back to top

What are other uses for the Steamy Ideas Shower Message Board?

The Message Board is waterproof and can be used wherever there may be water or moisture. Use it to leave convenient messages in the kitchen, dorm room, office, garage, on boats, at poolside or outdoor events. Your important messages will not be washed off even in the rain. back to top

Can you purchase extra pens?

Yes, they come in a package of 5 for $5.00 plus shipping & handling. back to top


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