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Our goal is to make your life easier, more comfortable, and fulfilling.

Total Sleep Mask System
“DUAL USE” Total Sleep Mask System
This mask is “The best sleep mask on the planet”. It covers both the ears and eyes to help you fall asleep and stay asleep.

Virtually 100% light is blocked out. The ear packs which include memory foam and sound reducing material are extremely effective in reducing outside noise such as snoring, noisy neighbors, airplane and other vehicular noise, CPAP machines, barking dogs, etc. Earplugs which are included, increase the sound reduction. This mask is packed full of many special features not found on any other sleep masks on the market.

Kiss My Back!®
Ergonomic Mesh Back Support
Provides support for low back and makes sitting more comfortable. New with Adjustable Buckle and Canvas Straps, fitting most cars, office and kitchen chairs.

Kiss My Back!™
Stylish Comfort Covers
Fit perfectly on the Kiss My Back!® Ergonomic Mesh Back Support and most mesh back supports. They are attractive, stylish and come in a variety of rich colors. Make your back support unique and attractive!

Kiss My Back!
Comfort Seat Cushions

Sit comfortably with these extremely comfortable dense foam cushions. In combo with the KMB back support you will receive Double Comfort, both on your back and your bum.

Gopher-Pro®: The Ultimate Tool for Control of Gophers, Moles & Voles.

Meditation Gemstones: Each semi-precious gemstone has a symbolic intrinsic energy. They can help you to enhance your connection to the Universe. Allow their positive energy to resonate throughout your physical, spiritual and emotional being. May your intentions and focused energy lead to magnified wisdom, and a fulfilling and prosperous life.

Steamy Ideas Shower Message Boards:
Never let your brilliant ideas get washed down the drain while showering, lost and forgotten, not to be remembered again! Write down your important thoughts, or simply a message for your friend or family member while you are showering. These message boards can be hung on any smooth surface in a kitchen, bathroom, office, dorm room, or garage.


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